About Tatiana

“Energy balancing and healing work are part of the programs Tatiana teaches to her clients. They trigger the body’s natural healing processes, enhance the immune system, increase metabolism and induce deep relaxation. Her programs naturally restore health to her clients when they are encouraged to simply change their lifestyle.

As a counsellor, health care practitioner and life coach over 40 years Tatiana has guided thousands of people in many walks of life, from doctors, lawyers, mothers, people in food industry, to engineers and coal miners and personal development leaders; with her health fitness awareness. She established a mind body rejuvenation program that she refined and teaches to clients combined with life coaching and meditation.

With a body of a 30year old, longevity and fitness is something Tatiana is a living proof of, though nearly twice that age, she has discovered the short cut to health and fitness with minimum effort. Discovered the secret to natural rapid weight loss with minimum effort, and worked with clients creating breakthroughs.

Woke two separate people from a coma they had been in for over 9 months, just by talking to them they awoke the following day.

A stress dumping technique that reduces stress in minutes with other C.D’s including, Meditation and Healing the Inner Child C.D’s that are now available here: Products

Tatiana also taught a paraplegic girl how to control her bladder in 3 months, when she had 10hrs daily carers routines to get her from bed to toilet to lounge room, and to her wheel chair.