Your Dream

To create the dream of your life you want to be certain of what you really desire so start eliminating all that you don’t want. Draw your focus to what you do want, perhaps it’s a great relationship, or your own home, a holiday, car, or job…? Like creating your ideal dream career , you can createt…….

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Focus and the Art of Getting What you Really Wish

Picturing the object of your dreams or object of fear, is the mental part of it then, when emotions are added it strengthens connection like an expectation. So picturing the desired outcome with expectation is the magic recipe…………

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Moving from here to Success

Over the years I’ve come across several ways of overcoming just about anything, and in this article I’m going to discuss this and give you some valuable pointers on how to “get from here to success” in practically any given situation that you may be faced with and how to turn it around every time……………

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Motivation And Progress

The quickest way of seeing where you’re headed is seeing that everything has two polar opposites. To start with get an idea of your direction first, what you think you want to achieve. Its like knowing which instrument you want to play or what sport you want to watch. Sometimes when starting over we aren’t sure which……

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Health & Fitness



An addiction is an attachment to something, when there is a strong attachment its usually accompanied by a sense of losing something, and followed by fear and constriction…..

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How an Orgasm Works

As males experience everything through their head or their genitals going to adult services is a fast way for a male to release his built tension and additionally get the visual stimulation that gives them the ‘feel good feeling’

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Controlling your health consists of more than just the physical. This often escapes those people who focus mainly on a diet or exercise program.Look at your body closely and notice that it ‘knows’ how to heal when injured…..

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The important thing here is to be in control of your body before the symptoms show signs of some typical imbalance going on. The best way is to be in tune with your body and to “Listen” and obey its needs, so you are in harmony and you are in control……..

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Turn your energy on

Energy control is the ability to own your own power. It is an internal energy that is accessible on a conscious level and can be used as a ‘switch’ to turn on your power, not unlike a physical switch that you use to turn on your electricity………..

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Body Cleanse – for the new Beginnings Step No 1

If you are having regular Bloatedness or regular Indigestion e.g. reflux, or for ladies period pains, or feeling tired a lot of the time, or even getting colds frequently? These are mostly stress related, but indigestion and Bloatedness, which is a very common complaint is mostly due to improper diet……

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Salute to the Sun

When your energy is flowing it causes you to want to look forward and create situations rather than waiting for them to happen. Flowing energy prevents stagnation in your mind and keeps your arteries healthier too. Fitness is what keeps your body looking and feeling youthful among other things, most importantly its what keeps your energy flowing ……

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Inner Peace


Central Intelligence is the Source of Inner Peace

Your energy source is your unlimited power. People generally pay lip service to this and associate power to movies, gun….

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Female Sexuality

To achieve prolonged orgasm a woman needs emotional connection from her partner. She needs this connection long before sexual intimacy commences. Her need for sexual foreplay is to get stimulated on the emotional level that builds intimate connection…………..

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Love and Intimacy

The first step in creating a strong and long-lasting sense of well-being in your relationships and intimate life is to understand your energy. We all seek joy in many various activities, whether it’s being satisfied with something we are doing or sharing this with someone special or wishing to be recognized for our accomplishments ….

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20 Tips That Will Keep Your Relationship Sizzling

Sex is part of the way we express ourselves with intimacy and we want to be comfortable in the way we are expressing this part of ourselves. We also want our partner to respond favorably to our sexual interest in them. Women love to be ….

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A relationship is based on what is present between two people moment-to-moment and on tuning into subtle messages of the body, breath and touch. Exploring these realms brings profound delights to any relationship – a gentle, loving, sensual play and embrace……

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Sacred Sex

rgasmic state is spiritual consciousness awakened; those of us who have experienced this heightened state describe it as magical and beyond time. These states sustain prolonged delightful feelings of that transcend the daily consciousness. This heightened sexual experience expands …

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Rekindling Relationships

The questions here for you are guide lines for breaking through a routine that a relationship could have become stuck in, its for you to explore the hows to ignite it up again. Here are some pertinent questions that you could ask while taking your partner on regular outings. …..

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Separating ourselves

People faced with this sort of dilemma are tested for their inner strength and exactly where their strength is coming from. Note I didn’t say what they believe in here….this is because inner strength does not come from a belief comes from something deep inside that connects a person to his breath and to the healing power inside you, not a belief, beliefs change……..

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Overcoming the Feelings

These are feelings and may have nothing to do with redundancy what ever. Its similar to having boyfriend of spouse problems. Its usually not about the job or your spouse, its more to do with the attitude you carry inside and while you are holding onto this attitude you will attract the same or similar what you are feeling…………..

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Spirtual Central Intelligence

When we look at anything at all we can see immediately what state of consciousness that person or even animal has. We can see this by the way that person might display fear, doubt, mistrust aggression or confusion. ….

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Tantra, is a spiritual practice that has endured for over five thousand years now.
The primary concern of Tantra is ‘what is’, a sincere and honest acceptance of oneself and the world around – ‘the Truth of inner Being’…

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Sex and Sexuality

Sex is part of your own energy and part of who you are. As you work more with all of your energy you will start to feel more alive, even electrified. When you bring more of yourself to your relationships at home, socially and in the office, you create a greater level of success in all areas of your life……………

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Tantra: full body tantra

Tantra means enjoyment or experiencing pleasure in a different way – when you can feel pleasure in the whole of your body. You gain greater sexual stamina from the balance and harmony this provides your energy, as well as, enabling you to accomplish more in your …..

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