Wellness Programs

Transformation Package

  • Explore methods of creating dynamic changes in your life, by achieving personal goals AND maximizing your potential
  • Discover how to maintain new behaviors that support you
  • How to increase your earning capacity
  • How to achieve balance and harmony in your life
  • Discover powerful methods of releasing and healing your past
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One-On-One Coaching


A personal life coaching program is an opportunity for great revolutionary changes to your life

Each session gives you dynamic learning strategies for general aspects of your life. Personal life coaching gives you access and personalized attention to expert instructions over a period of 3 months including telephone support and additional product support by way of C.D’s and many techniques to support your new life changes.

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Personal Life Coaching


Life Coaching Package

This Life Coaching Package is best seen as an investment into your life, your health and achievement,what you ultimately want for yourself. Hence its purpose is aiming at the highest goal – YOUR WELL BEING !!

• You are investing in achieving this goal.
• Investing in your whole life isn’t done in a minute nor are the results achieved in a minute or it would be instant coffee.
• The rewards always equal to a certain amount of effort.
• With the guidance of your experienced Life Coach who has had training in many fields. Including Psychology,
• Somatic Integration Therapy, “Journey Therapy” life course, Semantics, Meta Coaching and Neuro Linguistic.
• Programming. I have worked in the corporate world for 25 years. And 15 years of healing practice.

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Balance Your Mind

Two powerful tracks designed to enhance deep relaxation, release stress and harmonize your mind. By Harmonizing your body and mind you create an optimum environment where creativity can flourish…

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Healing Your Inner Child

This CD is for anyone aspiring to let go of their personal limitations and access their own profound inner resources of healing and growth. Inner Child healing is a process that helps you to resolve painful past experiences…
and unresolved issues that often limit your spiritual growth

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Sanctuary Meditation

Two meditations that will help you connect with your higher self, balance your chakras and find answers to your innermost questions. A sanctuary can be thought of as a sacred place where you can feel safe, and protected from danger and hardship…

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